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Month: June 2016

Stock picking in the UK ?>

Stock picking in the UK

Well, we’ve seen this morning something that even markets thought that was impossible, UK citizens have decided to leave the EU. I wrote about it before and I recommended hedging your positions, and I can say it has worked (at least for me). Volatility as been really really high, even higher than I expected to be honest. Now, what am I going to do? Well, the thing is simple, I will wait until the sell-off stabilizes, and until that happens,…

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Mid year market overview ?>

Mid year market overview

We have recently seen how US stock markets have reached an historic top. In my opinion that has been provoked by the lack of greater returns in any other safer asset. We can see that in many economies interest rates are below zero, in an effort by central banks to┬áincrease inflation. That has not been effective as we can see in the Eurozone for example. Keeping interest rates below zero has also had an impact in fixed income returns, that…

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