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Tesla’s living on borrowed time ?>

Tesla’s living on borrowed time

The company is not able to generate positive FCF in a yearly perspective. Elon Musk is a good inventor and seller, but a bad CEO. Competitors will erode Tesla‚Äôs business. The Solar City merge is going to create a negative FCF and debt monster. Financial analysis: Taking a look to the income statement, we can see that the company is increasing its income at a 66% rate, but that their total cost of revenues is increasing by a 67% yoy….

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Short Deutsche Bank and Long on VIX ?>

Short Deutsche Bank and Long on VIX

This is a fast afternoon post showing two not too much developed ideas to hedge the portfolio. So, the title says it all, that’s my hedge strategy for the remainder of the year. Let’s see why. First of all, we have Deutsche Bank (from now ‘DBK’), that’s in my opinion, more dangerous than any Italian bank. The problem with DBK is that, despite all their efforts to restructure the bank and reduce costs profit is sinking. We also have the…

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