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When I started I was almost lost on finding macro data and information. Now I’m going to make a list of the resources I use and some things that I find useful for a global macro investor in order to obtain information and save time.

  • Excel Add-ins:

FRED Excel Add-in: The FRED add-in is a useful tool to add to Excel. It allows you to look for and download directly to your excel table all the information that can be found in the FRED online database. You can download it here:

QUANDL Excel Add-in: This is a similar add-in to the FRED one, but in this case it allows you not only to download sata from the FRED database but also from other databases. It works more like an aggregator of databases. It can be download from here:

  • Useful websites:







  • Other tools:

I also use ‘WBP economic calendar‘ in my smartphone, as it’s a good source to know at the moment all the macro data that’s being released during the day.

  • I also recommend…

Ray Dalio’s video ‘How the economic machine works‘, where he explains how he see the economy in a very simple way.


You can also download a 300 pages PDF file where he explains his economic principles in a more detailed way by clicking here.

The Soros lectures at the Central European University‘ is, in my opinion, an other useful read if you want to know how one of the best global macro investors of the history understands the economy. Is a fast read where he explains his ‘reflexivity’ theory and how he applies it to markets, politics, etc. I think that’s a good way to know more about his process and faster than reading ‘The alchemy of finance’, that’s quite more dense.

If you want to learn macro from zero, I recommend you Olivier’s Blanchard ‘Macroeconomics’ book. Is a great book to learn almost everything you need to know about ‘academic’ macroeconomics.

If you’re looking for something easier and short, you must read ‘How an economy grows and why it crashes’. A really nice book, with nice illustrations, that explains what the title says in a really funny way.

The ‘ European hedge fund manager of the decade (2000-2009)’ blog: From investing to life advice. A really good blog.