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Stock picking in the UK ?>

Stock picking in the UK

Well, we’ve seen this morning something that even markets thought that was impossible, UK citizens have decided to leave the EU. I wrote about it before and I recommended hedging your positions, and I can say it has worked (at least for me). Volatility as been really really high, even higher than I expected to be honest. Now, what am I going to do? Well, the thing is simple, I will wait until the sell-off stabilizes, and until that happens,…

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Why a ‘Brexit’ would be a bad business for both the UK and EU ?>

Why a ‘Brexit’ would be a bad business for both the UK and EU

The world is worried about a ‘Brexit’, that will take place this June 23, when Britons are going to decide if the want to remain in the European Union or leave it via a referendum. As can be seen in the following picture (a chart created by Bloomberg), the results are going to be really close and it seems that those people who are undecided are the ones who are going to decide the final result.   But what is…

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