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During this week we have seen how the ECB president (Mario Draghi) has said that he has no hurry in diminishing its QE in the Eurozone. After saying that, the Euro lost some strenght against other currencies as this it’s seen (despite saying that the Eurozone economy is healthy) as a lack of economic strenght in the Euro area, as it is facing right now, two major concerns: The Deutsche Bank problem, that is affecting the EU right now, as…

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Draghi needs a new weapon ?>

Draghi needs a new weapon

In his last speech, Mario Draghi said that the policy conducted by the ECB right now (they are conducting a negative interest rates and QE policy) is working, but he asked for more time to see the results. Actually, the ECB is buying around 80 billion euros a month in order to try to increase inflation in the euro area while they keep interest rate in the negative area, that’s in the thin line between zero and negative growth. But,…

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