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Betting on US defense ?>

Betting on US defense

As we all knew, Trump wants to hike the defense budget to $639B from $587B and, as global macro investor, I’m trying to identify who’s going to earn that money. Right now I’m analizing the industry to see which one of the companies that composes that will increse more its contracts. But, to sa something clear, I can say that I won’t probabl bet on aeronautics companies at the moment as NASA has seen that part of its budget cut…

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Looking for 2017 macro opportunities ?>

Looking for 2017 macro opportunities

During this week I have opened 2 long positions, in gold and in the EUR/USD (I’m going to explain wh in this entry). I’m also looking for a long in the GBP in the mid/long term due to the growing inflation in the UK and because we all know that the BoE traget is a 2% (and, if inflation keeps going to this rythm, we’ll see an aprox 2.8% at the end of the year). I also think that Carney…

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